Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No patience

Hello dear readers,

I've been honestly fed up with all these exams. So I took a little "guilty pleasure"-break and thought I would show a small sneak peak of rough pictures of my soaps.
Of course I will take nice and more commercial pics, but in the mean time...I really wanted to update my blog a little bit.

This picture, is the first soap I sold. I call it "when choco goes coco"; it's a glycerin soap made out of fresh grained coffee and coconut flakes with coconut and chocolate fragrance. I added cacao butter, to moisturize the skin and make you're skin color shine once again. This soap is the best "winter" soap. It warms you up in side once you start using it, and I honestly got only good remarks from this one. I got the idea, thinking about a chocolate cake with coconut flakes..I guess everytime I make a soap, I first imagine how it will taste, even though we are not really eating the soap...

About the packaging, I wanted to make it look like he bought the soap from the bakery. The bottom is actually a golden carton and wrapped up in sellofan.
I like glycerin soaps, because first of all they moisturize your skin and you can get very creative working with it.

This picture, contains all last three soaps I made. So the brown one is my "when choco goes coco", the red-orangy one is my "nag champa meet lemons"-soap and contains real slices of lemons and a lot of almond oil. This soap is just great for your skin, especially for those who have pigmentation problems. I also added little dried rose petals on top as a finishing touch. I gave this soap away to the same person who bought the brown soap and he just loved it.
My green soap, is actually the latest one I made and haven't really came up with a name yet. This green soap contains real mint essential oil and also contains a lot of almond oil and real mint leaves on top of the soap. It's amazing how much it smells so fresh. This soap is something men will love.

Well, I guess that's all folks. I've been so busy studying, that I only have time to make more soaps during my dreams.
If you're interested in one of those soaps, don't hesitate to comment.

Love you all,

Soaps & Bubbles

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