Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Step one: a blog

these are not my soaps, but this pic is still nice to look at

Dear visitor,

I will first start by introducing myself. Some of you may already know me and some of you don't, but I'm a student who has found a passion for handmade beauty products, so i thought of sharing my work with you and hopefully entertain you and maybe even sell you my work.

Since for now I'm occupied with my exams, I couldn't really take any pictures nor did I put more exact information. But I promise to keep you all posted.

I did however make some time to share with you this interesting (or maybe not) story of how it all started.
I became a big addict to all soaps and bubbly stuff (and yes to bubbles you can have this dubble meaning to it as you think also about champagne, which of course I also share a passion for ;) ). when i finely realized how expensive all these products are and when it finely hit me that my future husband is off work for the moment...I started thinking about something I can plan for the future, something special, natural, handmade with love and creativity...and ...wait for it... affordable :)

My fiance was very interested in my arguments and we decided to hit the road. We drove from city to city (and even from country to country) looking for good suppliers ect. As soon as we got all the ingredients, mold, fragrances, cosmetic colors, gloves, glitters, salts and oils... I fell in love. Love for this thing, that I myself call, cooking.
So stay tuned and i hope you enjoy.

Big kisses

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