Sunday, February 7, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Hello everyone,

I had such a busy weekend and I love it!
On Saturday we went to the flea market to buy some spices for the soaps. I love going to the market on Saturday, they have great stuff that u just can't resist. is what I bought...

Here you can see the beautiful Jasmine flowers and poppy seeds, they looked so pretty and will look amazing on soaps.

and of course rooibos tea and cinnamon powder
love it, love it, love it

And to your next question...yes, I did make a soap. I had this lovely idea of mixing vanilla fragrance with cinnamon powder and real cinnamon sticks...and Oh My God it smells amazing. This time not only did I use coconut oil and olive oil, but also a twist of palm and castor oil.
I took a big chance this time, because I didn't really plan ahead how I wanted the soap to look like...I myself really like it. But here is a picture for you to judge..

ok so, I did get some soap on the cinnamon sticks when poring the soap in to the mold...
I don't know why...but I find that the pictures don't really look as pretty as I wanted them to be. But I can assure you, it looks great.

Remember this one? They look so yummy.

I am pretty new at this big camera I used and I kind of suck at taking pictures with it, so I apologize in advance.

So anyway, something other than soap. Remember my minty soap? Well the mint plant I used is actually growing back leaves and I am so excited that I took a picture or two. I didn't have the heart to trow it away, so I took the chance to see if it will grow back again.

Can you tell how excited I am?

I am planing on making more soaps today perhaps, since I am making an event to sell my soaps soon, I will be needing more inventory. And I might have a cool idea for my next project.
So stay tuned, leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed this weekly update.


Soaps and Bubbles.


karin said...

sweety your soups look/are great!!
So happy you're doing something you love and are good at!!

love you !!

karin said...

**soo i meant soaps ofc :p

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