Monday, August 30, 2010

My life with in a couple of shoots

 How about I show you a piece of me?
This lovely view is to be enjoyed from the living room. I am taking pictures for memories since we wont be living in this flat much longer. Simply because we want to leave Belgium very soon.
The picture was taken in the evening (you can see that the sky is pinkish and of course very cloudy).

This is married life, trying to divide the work around the house. My husband and my cat; my two favorite men in this world.

This is our temporary bedroom; did I mention "temporary"? Well...I am living out of a hanger where I put my shoes and hang my clothes. I just thought, since I will be moving anyway soon, I can just live out of a hanger and leave the rest of my stuff at my parents house.

Fabulous view from the bedroom. I love taking pictures and changing them completely into a lovely memory.
This is what I do; I create memories with my camera, when I'm not making bath products or anything else important for that matter.

I hope you enjoyed my personal post.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Come back

Dear reader,

I am deeply sorry for not being much around. I am back from my honeymoon and into reality.
Before my wedding I organized a quick soap event for my friends.
My husband was the one responsible for the picture taking and they kind of look like this...

These are my scrubs; some are "Apple cinnamon pie" and some are "Strawberry moon seeds".
The white creams behind the scrubs are actually Body butters with Mango fragrance.

These duckies are my glycerin kids soap; they are sprinkles with some glitters. They are really cute.
Behind them you can see my famous "Lime twist" soaps.

And this is obviously me getting prepared.

Hope you enjoyed my brief post and hopefully I'll be coming back soon.

Lots of love.

Soaps and Bubbles

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